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About Me

Chris Ferenci

Since I was young I knew I had something to offer this world. At 16, I started my own freelance design business, specializing in small and large format print advertisements, business cards, and logo design. At 23, I was the Creative Director for a mobile and web design agency Mobile First Studios, specializing in consumer User Interface and User Experience design, design project management, and company/customer branding. At 25 I joined the geospatial software giant ESRI, where I lead the mobile design for iOS, Android, and Windows. Now at 28, I am the Lead Designer at TicketManager, conceptualizing and creating seamless, engaging event digital experiences.

In my free time you can find me (or perhaps not) hiking the depths of the California wilderness, rock climbing in the Santa Monica mountains, hanging out in the local climbing gym, or getting my run on on Santa Monica beach.

Design, Photography, and Music are what I choose to give the world. I'm always up to grab coffee or discuss new projects.